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Top Mega 10 Haircuts For Round Faces That Are Easy To Pull!

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Top Mega 10 Haircuts For Round Faces That Are Easy To Pull!

Own your round face with the awesome haircuts for round faces.

Haircuts For Round Faces

The best part of round face is that they look youthful and sweet. Right haircut and styling will give you an appealing look instantly. Majority of hairstyles for the round faces involve layers in some or the other form. They really flatter the face and can be altered at several lengths. Stylists simply angle the hair in a way that the round face does not look chubby. You can sport a sophisticated look everyday only if you have the right cut that frames your face well. Here are the top mega 10 haircuts for round faces.

  1. Haircuts For Round Faces: Mixed Layers

Mixed Layers

Only when the layers are angled in the right way, you will get the right mixed layers for your face. These layers have the potential to box your face in, which makes a round face appear shorter. It is essential to ask your hairstylist be a little careful while chopping your layers. Steal admiring glares by the onlookers with the loose, face-framing layers. Let the first layers begin slightly past your chin and then add some waves to wrap some sections of your hair. Wire-bristle brush should be used to comb your curls. Back comb some hair for some volume.

#Note: Using 1¼ inch barrel curling iron to feather the layers away from your face will give you an angelic look.

  1. Haircuts For Round Faces: Angular Bangs

Angled Bangs

A heavy fringe can look very flattering on a round face. Get a shaggy, shoulder-length cut along with the bangs and look tremendously gorgeous every day. Your stylist has to prevent bangs from shortening during the cut and adjust the width carefully around your round face. Every round face has different features like sharp nose, pouty lips or big eyes. Depending on which features to accentuate your stylist can work around eyelashes and cheekbone. Blow dry them with a round brush to smoothen them out.

#Note: You can use styling products to get a matte or shining finish. But be careful that it does n to look greasy and adds some stability to your hairstyle.

  1. Haircuts For Round Faces: Lob

Spectacular Lob

Get a collarbone-grazing cut to achieve the magnanimous look that balances your round face. All that your hairstylist has to do is keep the weight of the hair near the jawline. Since the fullest part of any round face is usually at the cheeks, the weight of the end strands will enhance the face angles. You can try the soft layers to add some thickness in the bottom. You will get a retro feel in this cut, but it is very modern and chic style. Set your hair with hot rollers. Brush through the curls gently and allow them take their shape.

#Note: Be wary of over styling your hair. Do not accessorize them too much otherwise you will ruin your look.

  1. Haircuts For Round Faces: Tapered Pixie

Young Pixie

Do not hesitate and go bold with the short hair. You will look amazing in the fringe that is paired along with the short, tapered sides. This cut will surely give definition to your round face. Before your stylist starts snipping your hair make sure to ask him for softness around the ears. Too much chopping will make your look masculine. This haircut has a soft femininity and it best to stick with it.

#Note: Use your fingers to style your hair. Avoid stiffness in your hair by brushing your hair to make them look natural and not artificial.

  1. Haircuts For Round Faces: Side Swept Bangs

Side Swept Bangs

There is no need to be intimidated by the bangs. They can accentuate your round face. A sweeping fringe, a deep side part and shoulder length cut will make your face thinner and you will look gorgeous. Occasionally, you can blow dry your hair and sweep it over. This hairstyle can take all the attention from your cheekbones and give you a defining look.

#Note: Run a crème or styling product to give your hair a good texture.

  1. Haircuts For Round Faces: Long Waves

Long Waves

Longer waves define the contours and pull off attention from the round face. You can look incredible in waves as they give full body to your hair. This style is versatile as one can get the waves on long or even shoulder length hair. Wet your hair, tie thick braids on few locks and allow them to dry. The beautiful waves will frame your round face without crowding it.

#Note: Style them with your fingers to keep the natural waves in your hair.

  1. Haircuts For Round Faces: Sleek Ponytails

Sleek Ponytail

A lot of great hairstyles for the round faces involve styling rather than the haircuts. Sleek and swept back ponytails can look good on round faces. They are ideal for the soft and pretty curves. Ponytails elongate the curve of the neck and take away the attention from the roundness. Wear your pony high or even low at the nape of your neck to get the everyday look and hide nothing.

#Note: If you have bangs, make sure you slick back them.

  1. Haircuts For Round Faces: Updo


This is a hot style and takes a lot of efforts. The best part is you can try a wide variety from chignons to messy buns, braids to French roll. Look at the event and decide on the style that is perfect for the situation. Make sure that the hair is pulled up and tied in a fancy way. The locks should look intricate and there is no rule for neatness. You can go for a messy chignon and yet carry yourself like a celebrity.

  1. Haircuts For Round Faces: Long Hair

Long Colored Hair

There is nothing like keeping your hair long and natural. There might be times when you are tired of everything and you just want to be plain and simple. Wearing the hair long around the round face can balance the feature and create the illusion of a longer face.

#Note: Go for the first layer that is at least past your chin and grow the hair as long as possible.

  1. Haircuts For Round Faces: Half and Half

Half Here Half There

This style is the easiest hairstyle for a round face.

You can wear your hair half up and down. It is very easy and versatile. Wear this style when you’re buying grocery or running errands. This messy hairstyle can glam you up and look like a diva at a social event.

#Note: Give some volume at top half so that it looks pulled together and not a messy hairdo.

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