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Long Layered Haircuts To Transform You Into A Diva

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Long Layered Haircuts To Transform You Into A Diva

Feel like a celeb with these long layered haircuts that will transform your look and make you charmingly gorgeous.

Long Layered Haircuts

Layers are fabulous and contemporary haircut for long and flowing hair. They flirt with the looks and leave you looking gorgeous. If you are looking for something functional for your long hair, then the layers are unbeatable and unmatched. Essentially the long layered haircuts give you a flattering look. Choose the right amount of layers and length for your hair to create a fantastic goddess like hairstyle. Remember to keep your face shape and hair type in mind when you are getting layers for yourself. You can choose from the below-mentioned inspirations to get yourself a celebrity like look.

Long Layered Haircuts: Straight with Curls

Straight Layers with Curls

Look divine with the regularly spaced layers. Get soft curls towards the end of your long locks. You can choose a deep middle parting or even a side parting to create godly look. Understand your face type and create symmetry that will suit your personality. The soft curls in the end will give your straight hair a definition and depth. If you have long and thick hair, you can easily style this hair

How: Use a round brush and simply blow-dry your hair. Apply some anti-frizz serum so that the pesky flyaway hair lay tamed.

Long Layered Haircuts:Uneven Layers

Uneven and Soft Layers

Ever wondered how to look gorgeous like a celebrity or a diva? Get yourself some soft and uneven layers. No matter whether your hair is thin or thick, the uneven layers make a great haircut for the summer. It is the best to style your hair that gives one fluid motion to draw the attention. It will frame your face in symmetry to make you look beautiful.

How: When you get layers keep your shortest layer below the chin level. Try coloring or highlights to bring out the soft layers.

Long Layered Haircuts: Subtle Layers

Subtle Layers

You can look fabulous in your subtle layers if you have rich or dark colored hair. Styling the super-long layers is easy. Ask your stylist to give you those dynamic layers that do not join yet fall subtly on each other. It will create those gorgeous waves for your long locks. Style your hair with side parting to make them look lively.

How: Get your hair trimmed regularly for getting rid of the unsightly split-ends and maintaining the mystery of the cut. Treat your hair with the hot oil to get the glossy look.

Long Layered Haircuts: Casual Layers

Tousled Layers for Casual Look

You can look positively radiant and lively with casual and tousled layers. This haircut suits on long hair with collar-bone length layers frame. Women with oval-shaped face will look beautiful with the layers resting on each other to define the locks. In case you have wavy hair and yet want wavy hair then you can opt for these casual layers.

How: Opt for face framing layers so that the waves are guided in the right direction. In case you have straight hair, curl your locks with a medium barreled iron.

Long Layered Haircuts: Sleek Layers

Smooth and Sleek Layers

Look English and chic with the sexy and sleek layers. They are smooth and work well with the fine hair. Make your long hair look luscious and add some definition to them. They will appear thicker and fuller with these layers. If your hair is wavy then you can use a flat-iron to get the perfect poker-straight hair.

How: Use a smooth anti-frizz serum before you use the iron to protect your locks and give them a super-sleek finish.

Long Layered Haircuts: Voluminous Layers

Voluminous Layers for Bounce

At times the layers can be boring and make your feel dull with the regular look. The voluminous layers can make you look stunning and sexy. Dark and ebony rich look of the hair will be enhanced with these layers. Keep them stylish and classy with the subtle layers in the end of the locks. Shallow side parting will keep the hair out of your face.

How: Keep your hair pristine by avoiding heat styling too much. Invest in a good quality conditioner. Moisturizing your hair will pump some volume into them.

Long Layered Haircuts: Fluffy Layers

Fluffly Layers for Cute Look

Remember the old Penny from Big Bang Theory? Of course you do! Get her gorgeous soft and fluffy layers to look cute. Enhance the hairstyle by adding some layers that lack body especially when you have fine hair. Ask your stylist to start from the chin level and slowly progress downwards. Few styling products and you are good to strut the celebrity like look.

How: Get an inspiration from Kaley Cuoco aka Penny and opt for those cute and sexy soft layers for extra volume and sex appeal. Use rollers and styling products to get those perfect soft curls.

Long Layered Haircuts: Irregular Layers

Irregular Layers

Sleek irregular layers can make you look classy and poised. Get a deep middle parting or side parting for accentuating the symmetry of your face. You can get poker straight locks with soft tips. If you have fine or thin hair then these layers will simply give your face a flattering shape.

How: Stylist can get you uneven and irregular layers. Maintain the uneven layers by getting them trimmed regularly. Highlight or dip-dye the ends of your locks with temporary color to get an extra depth for your hair.

Long Layered Haircuts: Bangs and Layers

Layers and Bangs

Look classy and sublime with your long wavy layers by adding some cute side bangs. Layers can look unnatural on thick hair if they are not styled properly. Bangs can thin out the hair and make it look lighter and dynamic. Sport that long layers with soft waves as they frame your jaw line beautifully.

How: Style your side bangs flirtatious with some styling products. You can choose your favorite side or even keep them unkempt look casual and sexy.

Choose any of these hot layered hairstyles for your pretty long locks! Look fabulous and rock your layers confidently.

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