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7 Long Curly Hairstyles for Each Day of a Week

long curly hairstyles


7 Long Curly Hairstyles for Each Day of a Week

Get a new character everyday with these 7 long curly hairstyles.

long curly hairstyles

Blessed are those who have naturally curly hair. Fashion glitterati and celebs head to the salon to get the gorgeous long curly hairstyles. So, keep your flat iron in the closet because curls are ‘in’ this season. Beautiful curls will accentuate your looks and give your face a feminine appeal. Curls can instantly make the most basic hairstyle look intricate and captivate attention. A little styling and you can look playful and flirtatious. Little practicing and you can work your way fluently to raise your glam quotient.

If you have curly long hair and wondering what to wear today, then here are your 7 options. Choose any one for each day!

  1. Long Curly Hairstyles: Soft-Romantic Curls

Soft-Romantic Curls long hair

Taylor Swift, the music diva sports the cascading soft-romantic curls effortlessly. You can grab all the attention as well with this hairstyle. It is the most basic hairstyle that you can begin with. Learn about the styling products and how to work with them. In no time you will enjoy playing with your soft curls to create your signature look with those luscious locks. Girls with tight curls might have to straighten some part of their hair to get that dramatic wavy look. But those who have wavy hair or big curls can get this style easily.

  1. Long Curly Hairstyles: Braids


There is no need to be anxious about this hairstyle. Gone are the times when the straight haired girls mastered this style and flaunted their locks. Now it’s the time for the curly haired ones to own it. It is not as complicated as it appears to be. Begin with the simple braids and let your curls turn it into mysterious locks. Gradually, you can attempt the fishtail braid. As you feel the confidence in your fingers, you can go for the complicated braids. Try wrapping a simple braid around the fishtail. If you wish you can combine different braids and work up a style that suits you the best.

  1. Long Curly Hairstyles: Pulled Back

pulled back long hairstyles

A headband is all you need to pull back your curls and give you a glamorous and neat look. Keep the band close to your forehead and tease the back of your hair. Tie your hair in a loose side pony and you are ready to astound the crowd. Without any accessories you can look stunning. Girls with wavy hair or big curls can pull off this look elegantly. Women with tight curls should choose to keep their hair untied to get a stylish look. This style is simple to achieve and allows you to stand out in a crowd through its sheer elegance.

  1. Long Curly Hairstyles: Ponytail

Ponytail long hairstyles

Sounds simple doesn’t it? But it certainly looks chic and is a classic evening hairstyle when a girl with curls ties it. Brush your top hair and layer them in flattering style. Tie them in a ponytail and allow the curls to fall naturally behind. While tying your curls in a ponytail, leave few locks in the front. A cute pair of studs or hoops and you will look no less than a diva. If you have tight curls go for a high ponytail. Let the hair sit on top of your head and feel like a princess with a crown.

  1. Long Curly Hairstyles: Low Curly Bun

Low Curly Bun hairstyles

Perfect the look for your prom with the low curly bun. Pull up all your curls and tie them in a tight bun. Try an unusual way of tying the buns. Probably you can try some layering to give an intricate look to your regular bun. This hairdo looks elegant and glamorous even for formal gatherings. Use the right hair serums and spray to keep the bun in its place for a long time. The best part of this hair style is that you can show off your shoulders and neck. Best suited with evening gowns, you can even try them for your presentation or interview with formals.

  1. Long Curly Hairstyles: Bohemian

bohemian long hairstyles

This is one of the easiest hairstyles that any girl can comfortably rock. When you are in a laidback mood or have an invitation to a party, you can try this look without going out of the way. Use hairsprays for spritzing on your long curls and sport that colorful bohemian headband to get that gypsy look. It is an ultimate savior when you are in a hurry and do not have time on your hands to tame those unmanageable long curls. After washing your hair, you can run your fingers through your hair while they dry naturally. You will get natural bohemian look for your curls. Invest in good headbands that will go well with your outfits to get the perfect Bohemian look.

  1. Long Curly Hairstyles: Half Up, Half Down

half up half down hairstyles

This hairstyle looks wonderful on every girl with curls. Any hair lengths or textures can pull this style without any hassle. Be it tighter curls or wavy curls, you can look mesmerizing and godly in this hairdo. Do not think that it is an average 8th grade throwback style. You will have to be wise and know how much to leave down. Take some strands from your left down side and some from the right down side. This way you will get a frizz free face. Neatly intertwine the strands and tuck them with a bobby pin. It is a perfect quick fix to your alarm mishap and getting a quick professional look.

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So stay calm and keep dressing your hair. Experiment with those curl. Enjoy the magnanimity and rareness that you are blessed with. Celebrate each day and look your stylish best with any of these hairstyles!

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  1. Regina D. McGee

    January 16, 2016 at 11:35 am

    wow..this is amazing. there are so many way to curl my hair is very much curl, but now i can do any types of hairstyle with my curl hair.the process is too long.but it make a different look.i like the way of will help me to make a gorgeous look.

  2. Estelle F. Greenbaum

    January 18, 2016 at 11:58 am

    what an art.this is very much appreciating. i didn’t know that i was looking very attractive.but when my friends told me that i am looking very special, i was feeling different.thank u so much for giving me the special experience.

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