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7 Easy Long Hairstyles For Older Women

hairstyles for older women


7 Easy Long Hairstyles For Older Women

Add some charm to those years with these amazing long hairstyles for older women.

women over 50 hairstyles

Women tend to stop taking care of themselves and refrain from styling over a certain age. All they want to do is look decent and respectable. Many older women enjoy having long hairstyles. While hair can be colored, worn up or left loose and flowing there are long hairstyles for older women who enjoy styling. When you are aging, be graceful and look modern to get that admiration of the people around you. There is no need to follow those outdated styles. Present yourself in the best light and look like Madonna, Kris Jenner, Oprah and other Hollywood celebs.

Long Hairstyles For Older Women: Long Layers

Graceful Layers

Who says it is tough to manage the long hair? They are easier to manage and even style when you get few layers. You can experiment a lot of hairstyle with layers. Get yourself some flipped-up curls to get a fresh and pretty look. They will make you look mature and modern. You can use a round brush while blow drying your damp hair to style them right. Use a heat protecting spray before you begin blow drying.

Tip: Use a leave-in conditioner if your hair is dry or coarse.

Long Hairstyles For Older Women: Curls

Long and Soft Curls

Curls on long hair can be very flattering hairstyle for senior women. They soften the features and make the women look gracious. A long perm is easy and simple to style. Wash the curls and they go off. You can tie them in a bun like chignon or pull back in a ponytail. Accessorize them with a simple barette and you are ready for a cocktail evening. Use curling iron to get those soft and romantic curls effortlessly.

Tip: Use the heat protecting spray and styling products to set the curls right for longer time without damaging your hair.

Long Hairstyles For Older Women: Low Ponytail

Long Hairstyles For Older Women

Look simple and sophisticated in a low ponytail or use elegant accessories to look glamorous. If you desire for a soft and feminine look, wear a low pony. Use jumbo rollers or a large-barreled curling iron to get the natural and soft waves. Get some bangs, side partition and soft waves to look heavenly. You can fasten your hair back in any elastic band. Use some light-hold styling spray to set the hair in its place. Get that flattering mature look, which writers and philosophers have.

Tip: Avoid using the stiff sprays and gel. A slicked-back ponytail is a big no-no as it looks too severe and highlights the fine lines and wrinkles.

Long Hairstyles For Older Women: Soft Bangs

Soft Bangs

Get those long wispy bangs that fall to the side. They can be slightly heavy but will give your hair the right texture to make them appear soft. You can use a thickening spray to add some volume to your hair. Use paddle brush to detangle your hair and large round brush to give them a lift. Applying a styling lotion will give your hair a natural fall. Many women complain of thinning hair with age. But this hairstyle will give a pump to your hair and set you with that divine clairvoyant look.

Tip: Blow dry your hair once you apply the styling lotion or thickening spray so that your hair gets a natural flow and fall.

Long Hairstyles For Older Women: Long and Straight

Long and Straight

Long and straight hair can look divine at all ages. If you have sharp, sleek and straight hair then flaunt it. The only hair care you need to be careful about is that they are in right condition. Trim the hair neatly, balance the texture and you are set for the day. Be it thin or thick, you can certainly add charm to your look with your long, straight hair. Use a paddle brush to smoothen and straighten out your hair.

Tip: If you have a long face shape and thin hair then it is best to keep the length short. But a square or round face shape can look fantastic in long straight hair.

Long Hairstyles For Older Women: The Braids

Saviour Braids

Young women often wear the braids. But in reality if you do them right, you can pull them off too. Begin with a partial braid that frames one side of your face. Keep it loose and side swept. This way you can look chic homemaker. You can go ahead and tie a long braided ponytail or wrap it in a bun. There are numerous ways of getting along with the bun. The braids exude simple, innocent and young look to any woman who tries it. They add fun and playfulness to a hairdo.

Tip: Do not go for the tight pigtails that you donned in your school. Opt for the light, soft and loose braids that bring youthfulness to your face.

Long Hairstyles For Older Women: An Updo:

Classic Updo

The most youthful hairdo for a maturing woman is an updo. It is a classic hairstyle and never goes out of trend. Keep the volume down and tie a loose bun. This time do not go for the hairspray and let your hair be natural. Choose to tie the bun a little higher than the regular height. Go for the crown on special occasions to draw those eyes upward. You can look like the Hollywood celebrity on the red carpet.

Tip: Practice an updo. It should look natural and not like you have piled the hair on top of your head. A little messiness, flowing locks or loose bangs can add depth in your natural look.

As you age the hair begins to grow brittle. It is important that you follow the right hair care and caution while styling them. Do not let your age hold you back from looking glamorous. Bring back the charm and charisma by trying out these hairstyles. Give yourself a refreshing new look that will make you feel lively and fresh.


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  1. Angelia R. Powell

    January 16, 2016 at 11:50 am

    hello everyone
    i just say thanks from my side for giving me those types of hair cutting in this old age.all the hair cut are very much beautiful. i just like the UPDO hair very much suits me.thanks a lot.

  2. Lucy

    January 18, 2016 at 10:06 am

    These days there are no rules to hairstyles for women. You can wear your hair long, straightened, curled or pulled back — as long as it is flattering on you, that is really all that matters.

  3. Linda A. McDonald

    January 18, 2016 at 12:39 pm

    i very much enjoyed to see this kinds of hairstyle.who told you that old women can not do hair style in there age?i can do.i can do anything with my hair in my old age.thank you so much for giving me the proper tips to maintain the hair style.

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