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Prom Night Hairstyles For Medium Length Hair

Medium Length Hair


Prom Night Hairstyles For Medium Length Hair

Get the magical look with medium length hair for your prom night with our suggested hairdos.

Medium Length Hair

Prom night is the most magical night in the life of every teenager especially the girls. It is an opportunity to dress up and look their best for the event. However, it is a night that is synonymous with those voluminous beehives, fussy updos and hairstyles. While some compete for the prom queen title, there are some who struggle to get the right look. Majority of the girls are of the view that there are few hairstyles for medium length hair. While you might think of heading to the salon for a curl or bobby pinned confection, there are some easy DIYs.

Get yourself an enchanting hairdo for your prom night with these simple hairstyles.



All you need to do is tweak your regular pony and you will be set to dazzle your prom night. There are so many video tutorials that teach you to tie a pony in intricate ways. Crimp your hair to add some height and texture to your regular look. To look impressive you can toy with your hair accessories. Shop for elegant hair bands or elastic bands to pull up a chic look. You can even buy those elegant hair pins with delicate lace flowers and diamonds on them. It is upto you to tie the regular pony in an unusual manner and look stylish.

Wavy-Flowing Hair:

Flowing Wavy Hair

Get your curling tools to create that bohemian wavy effect on your hair. A boho hairstyle may sound wild and crazy, but it gives you a soft and appealing look. Girls with thin, fine or straight hair will have to use hair serums or gels to get those waves. Instead of using the hot iron rods try crunching your wet hair to get the natural looking waves for your hair. Straight hair at times can give you a tough time in getting the right look. Use loose curls to get a wavy effect. Or you can opt for triple barrel irons for that bohemian chic look. Crimping irons can help you work on your hair effectively. Try hair products that would give your locks the natural sun-kissed look


Chignon with Hair Accessories

Do not be under an impression that a medium length hair cannot get a bun or chignon. In case your prom has vintage theme then this hairstyle will complete your look. The best part is that it is extremely easy to get. Slick back your hair and tie them tightly at a low level of your head. It should be like a very low ponytail. This way when you tie your chignon it will lie gracefully at the nape of your neck to give you a royal look. Use bobby pins to secure the bun. Try different ways of parting your hair. You can also rest the bun on either of the sides. Accentuate your look with hair accessories like a thin hair band or pearl and diamond pins.

French Twist:

Classy French Twist

You can never go wrong with this hairdo. It is not just one of the most formal and chic hairstyle but also a classiest one. A light makeup, heels, minimal accessories and you will be the belle of the prom ball. There is nothing much to stress about this hairstyle. You will have to practice a few times to get the perfect hairstyle on your prom night. Get the perfect side-sweep to keep all your hair tucked in neatly and look gorgeous on your special night. If you wish you can get the vintage brooch for your hair to look like a classic beauty.

Messy Roll:

Messy Hair Roll

One sure thing about this style is anything but messy. You will have to be careful when you are getting this look for yourself. It is important that you balance its relaxed nature. Little bit of twisting and few bobby pins will set you for your prom night. Keep your locks in a stray pattern. While you are doing it carefully, it should feel haphazard. Messier is the hair, the better you will look on your prom night. Make sure that the bobby pins are not visible and even if they do go for the fancier ones.

Braids and Curls:

Braids and Curls

If you just braid your hair you will look as if you are going to attend some lecture and if you just curl up your hair, it will be too common. Instead go for the midway. Try braiding your hair in one section and curl up in the rest. This way you get an unusual look for yourself. Try to coil your hair creatively so that they appear a voluminous bun. Keep it simple and do not add any fancy accessories to it. The intricate pattern will simply get all the admiring attention.

Bun and Accessory:

Magnificent Bun

There are girls who just can’t think of any elaborate hairstyles. For such girls the plain bun is more than enough. Buy a majestic hair accessory to pin in your bun and you will be set for your prom. Instead of wrapping a necklace, you can simply tie it in your hair. This trick has worked wonders on many girls. Think big and by a chunk piece of jewelry for your hair that matches your gown and hair color.

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Mix and match different hairstyles with your gown. Tuck accessories randomly to create a royal look for your prom night. Creating a princess like look for your prom night will come easily to you by practicing any of these hairstyles.

Bring some glamour and charm with these hairstyles when you step into your school with your prom date.


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