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4 Ways To Style The Ruby Rose Long Hair Well And Few Extra Tips On Dressing!

Ruby rose long hair


4 Ways To Style The Ruby Rose Long Hair Well And Few Extra Tips On Dressing!

Following the ruby rose long hair trend might seem fashionably easy. But, you got to notch up to carry yourself the way she does.

It is hard to digest when one talks of Ruby Rose and long hair in one sentence. This Australian beauty has certainly worked on projects that defy the stereotypical roles. Despite coming out as a lesbian at a young age, she has kept her goals in focus and worked on acing them with a bang. While she is an inspiration to many young girls and even boys for her work, she definitely stands for the bold and beautiful looks. It is not easy to be involved in work that demands strict deadlines and yet looks gorgeous every day. If you are still in the ‘ruby rose long hair’ days, you will have to work on yourself a lot. But, that is not to discourage you. We have some tips that will set you on the right track.

Styling them Right:

The first task is to style the hair right. That means you will have to first figure out a good hair stylist who will give you exactly what you want. The next thing is to find out the different hairstyles that Ruby Rose has tried when she had long hair.

Hairstyles are a fashion statement and like clothes and accessories, they do go out of style with passing season. So, it is important to get your facts checked.

See if the Ruby Rose hairstyle you are looking at is still relevant ( trend) today. You will not want to turn out as a laughing stock for months! Google well on the Ruby Rose styles.

Here are some ideas which you can borrow:

# Layered and Medium:

Ruby Rose Layered Medium

While you can have the long to medium length hair, you can go for the layers. This is the only style which will never go out of fashion. However, the way you get your hair chopped in layers does matter a lot. So, look closely at the layered hair that are trending these days, match them with the Ruby Rose, and only then go ahead with them. Do not hesitate to follow the celebrities with medium length hair and have layers. There is no need to shorten the length of your hair to medium just because Ruby Rose has it. Follow the flow that suits your face type and your personality.

P.S.: Make sure your face type is suitable for the layers.

#Faux Hawk:

Ruby Rose

The ninja hairstyles are hitting the fashion industry and do not hesitate to give it a try. If you have long hair and are not afraid to take a bold move, you can chop off one section of your hair to get that mohawk look. But, if you are not sure, go the ruby rose long hair way. All you got to do is focus on one section and tie them tight in a braid. You will get your faux hawk style. So, get your braiding skills upgraded and do the hair Ruby Rose style. This style is like a preparation if you wish to make the bold move but are not 100% sure. As you grow accustomed to it, you can try chopping off one section.

P.S.: You need to tie the braid real neat. A single strand astray and it will kill your attitude.


Ruby rose long hair

Along with the layers, bangs are something that one can never go wrong with. Gone are those boring days when you would have one straight line of bangs to follow. There are amazing lengths that one can incorporate and style them the way a girl wants to. So, you will have to look for the latest styles in bangs and get your hair chopped neatly. If needed, you can even mix the layers with the bangs and get the best of two Ruby Rose’s worlds. Also, you need to make sure that you trim the bangs at regular intervals to keep up with the look.

P.S.: Be careful about the length of your bangs as they can ruin the symmetry of your face.

#Neat and Straight:

Ruby Rose Neat Straight

Ruby Rose stands for celebrating who you truly are. There is nothing to be ashamed of even if that means you are dull and boring. Some people love to be in their bubble and do not wish to take any risk. So be it. Keep your hair neat, straight, and long just the way you like them to be. You may not have the time to cut them in the style that has been discussed or are trending these days. You might not want to ruin the natural color and flow of your hair and there is nothing wrong with it. Be proud of who you are and carry yourself confidently.

P.S.: Make sure your hair is washed and conditioned properly to have the natural luster.

Dressing up Right

It is not just about the hair you have but the way you dress. Hence, you need to compliment your ruby rose long hair well with the right clothes. There is no need to redo your wardrobe. All you got to do is pull out whatever you have and arrange them in a manner where you can mix and match things well.

Here are some ideas which you can borrow:


If you are working and have a boring executive life, you can pep it up with some live colors. There is no need to go for the bold colors but vibrant yellows and blue can simply save your day. Think the Ruby Rose way and carry yourself well.

#Casuals or Party:

Ruby Rose is a big fan of denim and you should own a good pair of jeans. Make sure you have jackets, shorts, pants that will make you look chic even on your casual day. Do not hesitate to wear a gown or short dress on a party like Ruby does even when most of her skin is covered in tattoos.


One need not say how much bold Ruby is. You simply have to be comfortable in your skin and be able to carry your swimsuit well. Well, you have a good hairstyle, now you need is confidence to trot in a bikini.

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