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15 Impressive Short Hairstyles For Black Women

short afro


15 Impressive Short Hairstyles For Black Women

Pick any of these short hairstyles for black women and look like a diva.

short afro

Short hair is undeniably the best and never goes out of style. Black women have a confident aura around them and they carry themselves with a tinge of fierceness. Short hairstyles for black women give them a bold and daring look. Shorter the hair, easier it becomes for the women to switch the color or manage the curls. They save time and efforts when it comes to caring for and styling them. Here are some awesome styles that require little styling to make you look eternally gorgeous.

15 inspiring styles that you can follow:

  1. Curls for Bangs:

Curls for Bangs

Short length should not restrain you from getting those adorable curls. Fun part is the shorter hair you have, lesser curls you will need. Rock some adorable curls just on the bangs. Diversify and experiment with your look by giving seductive curls to your bangs.

  1. Sleek Feathers:

Sleek Feathers

Look radiant and lively with the feather cut. This short hairstyle will instantly arrest the attention with those thick wispy feathers. Color few locks and you can don that rockstar look for yourself. Go for jagged bangs and you will look like a diva.

  1. Textured Waves:

Textured Waves

Short hairstyles will make you look modern and chic. However, it is not easy to rock the messy bob. Give your jaunty waves some texture with styling gel and a blur side parting. Do not forget to add some details by giving accuracy to those edges and you are ready with a lovely ‘do.

  1. Bob and Wispy Ends:

Bob and Wispy Ends

Choose an asymmetrical bob and ask your stylist to give you wispy ends. Use a styling product generously to keep the asymmetry and the wispy layers in proper shape. This hairstyle is artistic and out of the league. If you got the guts, flaunt them with this hairdo.

  1. Geometrical Cut:

Geometrical Cut

There are women who love to look sleek with prim and proper cut. A simple bob with geometrical cut will give you accurate edges and right angles. Keep the bangs at right level on your forehead and you can look soft and feminine in this hairdo.

  1. Bouncy Curls:

Bouncy Curls

Undeniably majority of black women are blessed with curls. At times they are tough to work on but most of the times they are fun and sassy. To get those short and bouncy curls, ask your stylist to get the right layers with focus on the top. Build volume upwards by using hair rollers. This hairstyle is extremely easy to pull off if you pay attention to the texture.

  1. Short Curls:

Short Curls

Do not wish to mess with your hair by straightening them? Keep them and show off. Tame those unruly curls by asking your stylist to cut and trim them short. Your hair will be trimmed very short on the sides and bottom. The volume is built on the top of your head. It requires little care and styling especially when you are a working professional who wants a chic, urban look.

  1. Short Box Braids:

Short Box Braids

There can be no style as eye-catching as the afro braids. The box braids look ethnic and exotic. If you have curls, this style is perfect to manage and keep them protected. The braids are super trendy and can last between 3 to 6 months. This means you can look fun and sexy for days without worrying about the styling.

  1. Side Swept Spirals:

Side Swept Sultry Spirals

Style those short and natural curls skillfully in an asymmetrical shape. If you do not have curls, use the spiral rollers to get those kinks. Sweep them to one side of your head. Choose any side that you are comfortable with and you are ready to take on the day. Use gel and leave-in moisturizer to hold the curls in one side for longer time.

  1. Pin Curl Pixie:

Pin Curl Pixie

Without any heat styling you can look glamorous and fancy with the pin curl pixie. While pixie cut is extremely cool, it can become monotonous at times. So, when you wish to give it a change, go for the pin curls. They are easy and DIY at home. Wet hair, some bobby pins and you will be ready for the party the moment your hair dries.

  1. Short Mohawk:

The Mohawk

Look versatile in the short Mohawk hairstyle. Brush your hair forward and look very edgy. Brush them backwards and get a neat professional look. Comb them down and you are ready for your choir practice. This single style will give you different looks at different times. Get yourself this unique and modern look to be the best.

  1. Long Front, Short Back:

Long Front, Short Back

The name of the style is self-explanatory. Get yourself a schizophrenic look from the front and back with this style. Bangs in the front will transform your girl next door look in to a hot babe. In order to manage the look you will have to invest in good styling products. Trim your hair regularly to maintain the balance of the look.

  1. Edgy Haircut:

Edgy Cut

This hair do is very bold and very few women can pull it off well. You need to be 100% sure before getting this style. Your stylist will spike up the top layer and give it a trendy flair. Good styling products and few curls on the top will give an elegant look for the party.

  1. Short Afro Kinks:

Afro Texture Kinks

Give the right accent to your natural kinks by keep them short. They can look elegant and sophisticated all at once. If you can manage your curls, you can simply grow them out and get them trimmed by a stylist to get that surreal look.

  1. Pony Poof:

Poof Pony for Natural Curls

Gather all your curls and tie them in a hair band. Create a poof pony and look sensational. This hairstyle looks both cute and sexy. It maintains a neat and don’t mess-with-me look. The gathered coils will look soft and touchable.

Go ahead and hit that snooze button because you have the styles that let you catch up on your beauty sleep. With little styling, you can strut with confidence and dazzle your neighbourhood.


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