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Short Hairstyles for Women with Straight Hair

Short Hairstyles for Women


Short Hairstyles for Women with Straight Hair

Amazing short hairstyles for women who are tired of their boring straight hair.

Short Hairstyles for Women

When every celeb is going short, it’s time for you to dive in as well. There are several styles in short hair and you can experiment between elegant and wacky. But keep in mind that once you commit to the chop, there is no going back. Hence, take your time to think about the crop that you will want for yourself. A haircut will certainly give a sharp lift to your personality and instill confidence in you. But it is the other way round with the short hairstyles for women. You will have to be super confident to pull off a short hairdo.

Styles that will add sport to your look:

High Profile:

Who would forget the sultry celeb Jennifer Lawrence and her short hair? She has the charisma to sport the high profile look with confidence. If you think you can manage the cut with same confidence then you should opt for this crop. The hair is layered in several graduations from back to front. Your salon professional will maintain the right weight of hair at your occipital bone to give a beautiful lift to your face. Apply gel, serum or any styling product to your wet hair and brush to create chic curves.

Suitable Face Type: Girls with oval shaped face or longer shaped face can pull off this crop well.

Textured Asymmetry:

If you have the confidence of sporting an unusual look then go ahead with the textured asymmetry. This bob is absolutely fun and trendy. While it looks wild and wacky, you can style it for a formal event. You can choose either side of your mane to be chopped pretty steep while the other side remains slightly angled. Right from Posh Beckham to Cameron Diaz, many celebs have been spotted carrying this look. Style your hair by applying a styling product on wet hair and blow drying it with medium round brush.

Suitable Face Type: Any face shape can carry this haircut. Women with medium hair density should opt for this style.


There are 50 and more styles to experiment with in this haircut. Whether you are working in a corporate or always on the run doing household chores, a bob will make you look chic. This is a classic hairstyle that will never go out of fashion. It makes the straight hair appear neat with its clean cut. If you wish to cut short your hair but are diffident, you should try a bob. You can opt for a short length that falls around your ears or long that reaches your chin. A shoulder length bob is also an option.

Suitable Face Type: Bobs are perfect for the long and oval face shapes. Depending on the length, it can suit any face shape though.


It all began in the 50’s and this cut is still going strong. A pixie cut is regarded as the most stylish hairstyle. When you style those wispy layers properly, you will get a flattering hairdo. While bobs look bold, pixie is feminine. Just like the bob there are several styling options in pixie too. You can manipulate the cuts to suit the structure of your face. Experiment with bangs or spikes and see how it can magically change your look.

Suitable Face Type: Women with heart shaped face or square face can sport a pixie well.

Hidden Stack:

If you always had long hair then you might have some trouble in transition to the short hair. Think of the hidden stack when you are going for a shorter crop. This cut offers you a good volume in the front so that you will not have to worry about the stack of short hair in the back. The hair at your back will be graduated short and sharp while the one at the top will be longer enough to veil the graduation.

Suitable Face Type: Women with any face shape and medium hair density will look great in this haircut.

Blunt Bob:

This haircut will highlight your facial features and pull attention instantly towards your pretty face. It has clean cuts and goes well with the hair accessories. Try experimenting with side or middle partition. The best way to accentuate your look is with the hair color. You can choose to color your hair or highlight them to give a twist to your regular look. Since, the layers are uniform and one can decide on the length, this is the ideal haircut for women who are not comfortable with short chops.

Suitable Face Type: If you have a wide face shape then avoid this haircut. It does not go well with the thick hair.

Curly Hair Bob:

This one is similar to the neat and clean blunt bob. The only difference is that you will have to curl your hair to add style into your look. Of course the hair will be layered in a manner that will highlight the curls. If you are looking to a get a soft and feminine touch for your personality, go ahead with this one. Simply wet your layers, apply a styling gel, curl them up with a medium barrel iron and you are set for the day. Applying thermal protection to your hair will be helpful. If you wish the hair to stay for a longer time, you can use some hairspray.

Suitable Face Type: Wider faces tend to look wider. Faces which have harsh angles can use this cut to soften them by the curls. Fine to medium hair is the best for this cut.

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Haircut is all about experimenting with the look. Unless you are comfortable with the style you choose, you will be unable to carry it confidently. Imagine the style on yourself and then opt for it. Do not hesitate to color or highlight. Express all your requirements with your stylist and he will guide you the best. Go on and get yourself a new look!

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