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Wash and Go Curly Hairstyles For Black Women With Short Hair [Video]

black-short hair


Wash and Go Curly Hairstyles For Black Women With Short Hair [Video]

Insanely creative curly hairstyles for black women are not tricky anymore with these ideas.

black-short hair

It is not easy to style the kinky or 4a hair. To top it all it can be totally unmanageable when they are all dried out and frizzy. Thinking of curly hairstyles for black women can make you feel that you are out of ideas. While the naturally curly hair can look monotonous, there are 9 amazing styles that are easy for every day hairstyle.

  1. High Puff:

Wet your hair and pull your hair together with a band. Tie them tightly in a ponytail so that a puff is formed. Make sure the ponytail is high enough that the puff looks wonderful on the top of your head. You can pull back all the little hair that stand out and set them with a moisturizer or serum.

  1. Top Knot Bun:

Spray wet your hair with water. Use a wide toothed come to pull all your curls to the center of your head. Tie a bun and secure it tightly with a rubber band. Make sure you gel the curly strands that come out so that the hairstyle looks perfect.

  1. Banana Clip Pony:

Create a side partition and spray some water onto them. Neatly comb them out. Then gently tie a low pony. Take a banana clip and place it very near to the ponytail. Gently remove the rubber band and fluff out your hair. If there are any loose hair strands that are sticking out, you can tuck them with bobby pins.

  1. Two Way:

Create two sections of your hair. Tie the lower section temporarily with a clip. Take the upper section of the hair and sweep it to one side. Pull some hair that is between the upper and lower section and secure it tightly with the help of a band. Create a very small bun while tying it. Remove the clip from the lower section. It creates a unique look on a regular day.

  1. Half Up and Down:

Tie a high half pony or a bun on top of your head. With the wide comb give some bounce to lower part of your hair. It is simple and easy. Interestingly it does not take much of your time to get this unusually look for yourself.

  1. 2 Buns:

Create a full length middle partition of your hair. Tie buns on both sides. Secure them properly with rubber band. Style the curls that are around the bun neatly with a hair gel or serum to get a prim and proper look.

  1. Bun and Bang:

Section your hair in such a way that you get huge hair on the lower section. Quickly wrap a bun in the lower section tightly. Gently create a pout of the front section open or leave them open to get the bang effect. Keep your curls fluffy and bouncy in either case.

  1. Natural Headband:

Create a section in the crown area of your head. Tie the open hair so that you can style the front section of your hair. Twirl the crown hair from one side to the other to create a headband look. Gently leave the hair open and fluff them out. Your hair will appear as if you have worn a headband.

  1. Lazy Bun:

A bun can never go out of style. Spray your hair wet and gather all your curls. Tame them with a serum and bun the hair. You can look effortlessly like a diva in this hairdo.

These 9 styles are very easy and will come to you naturally without much practice. So go ahead and try them out to look different every day.

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