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8 Variations In Blue Highlights You Should Know To This Season!

Retro Shade


8 Variations In Blue Highlights You Should Know To This Season!

The 8 amazing alternatives in blue highlights will make the heads turn when you are out there


Hair accessories are inevitably becoming a part of the daily routine. But, it is the hair coloring that no one can seem to get enough. There are salons that employ expert hairstylists who are magicians with hair coloring. They understand just the right amount of mixing and canvassing the hair into a masterpiece. It is like the game of ‘joining the dots’ you played when you were a kid. One by one, you would join all the dots for a beautiful pattern to emerge. Similarly, you will have to work on different parameters to help you decide on the right color shade and technique for yourself. One such parameter is to research well on the different blues and patterns to get the blue on your hair.

Knowing the different Blue Highlights for Your Hair:

  • Bright and Fresh:

Blue Highlights

When you want to look bright and fresh all the time, you go for the AQUA hair color. It is a two-toned hair color which you can choose to get globally or highlights. What is mesmerizing about this color is the interplay of 2 colors. The light and dark shades that twine with each other to infuse a new look. So, if you choose to try braids, high ponytail, messy or wavy hair, you will have the best look for the day. If you have naturally blonde hair, you should definitely go for this one as it sets well with the natural hair color.

  • Soft and Subtle:

Soft and Subtle

The monochrome turquoise might look boring to some but it definitely is the color of the season. Who will not turn around to take one good look at your soft yet dense TURQUOISE color? It is pastel in shade and looks fantastic on any form of braided hairstyles. Brides and bridesmaid are trying these highlights to create a stunningly whacky look on their special day. Easy to maintain, you will definitely fall for this color the moment you get the patch test done. Also, you have the freedom to choose the intensity in shade.

  • Dark and Light:

Dark and Light

If you are one of those with playful personalities then you should be definitely going for this style. The dark blue color with ombre waves is something that will work like a magic on your hair. A good stylist and branded color is all you need to transform yourself into an angelic pixie. While the roots begin with the denim blue color the hair grows out into ombre-black locks in the DARK and LIGHT technique. Either go for a global technique or simply go for blue highlights. This style of color goes well with women with dark or black hair.

  • Retro Shade:

Retro Shade

Another interesting way to spice up your blue hair or highlights is by mixing a tinge of purple to it. The key is to strike the right balance between the colors. You cannot possibly think of having one shade darker than the other. So, you will have to work your way very slowly towards it. Hence, you need to be very sure if you would be interested in rocking the RETRO SHADE look. Additionally, you cannot afford to miss patch testing when it comes to getting this shade. If you look for perfection, test and proceed.

  • Blue Streaks:

Blue Streaks

So, you work in a strict formal setting and cannot do much experimenting with colored hair. But, at the same time, you cannot resist your urge to get the blue smeared on your hair then you should go for the simple blue streaks. These highlights are approved in most of the workspaces. Even if they are subtle, they will definitely make you stand out in the crowd. Whether you are blonde or brunette, you will always love to have some of your tresses highlighted in BLUE STREAKS. Since the focus will be on the blue streaks the soft color will exude a lot of confidence.

  • Teal Shade:

Teal Shade

You will be surprised to stumble upon the variety that blue highlights have to offer. Right from dark and bold to subtle and softer hues, you will not be able to make up your mind for the right color. One such interesting category that you wouldn’t want to miss is that of the TEAL SHADE. This is one of the shades that bring out your intrinsic feminine energies within you. Also, if you are not happy with this color, you can definitely go for a darker shade on it. So, if you wish to have variations within months, you can go for the teal.

  • Blue Tips:

Blue Tips

Another addition for the working ones are the BLUE TIPS. It is upon you on what kind of color you will want for the tips of your hair, but you can definitely look amazing in this minimalistic approach. In fact, you can choose either of the above-discussed colors or mix and combine any patters for your tips. And, what if you do not like it? You get them chopped or trimmed, it’s that simple. While many stylists vouch that this one is for the blondes, but brunettes can try to play with the darker shades.

  • Blue Roots:

Blue Roots

The exact reverse of blue tips is the BLUE ROOTS. So, the stylist will start working on your roots with the blue color that you choose. Towards the end or from the mid to the end, you will have the natural color of your hair. If you wish, you can have silver or platinum ends that go well with the blue hair color or highlights. Since the blue will settle on the white, you will look no less than an angel from a magical Hollywood movie. Choose your color wisely so that the blue is prominent in the right proportion.

There is no rocket science behind getting your hair colored. But, one wrong move and you will regret your decision for a long time. Hence, study well and choose well.

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