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Things To Remember Before Getting Box Braids

Box Braids black woman


Things To Remember Before Getting Box Braids

Box braids are a beautiful hairstyle that black women have popularized. It’s both a cultural fashion and a hair protection because of how the hair is being styled. Many women have sported box braids, and over time, such hairstyle has been customized according to the hair lengths and the preference of hair color.

Box Braids black woman

However, as with any protective hairstyle, your hair may likely be damaged than be in top shape. With that said, it is important to be aware of the appropriate time limit to wear the braids and when to take them down. If you want to get box braids, then you should be prepared for it. From choosing the right stylist to knowing how to take care of the braids, you have to be aware of these details to ensure that you have box braids done well.

Because every hair type has a very unique and dynamic texture, it’s important to know exactly what will happen in the process when you decide to have box braids installed. With these 8 important tips, you can maximize your hair’s health, longevity, as well as your money to the fullest.

  1. Clear a day to have the braids installed: According to an article on College Fashion, box braids can take anywhere from 3 to 5 hours to finish, depending on the hair thickness and the length of the braids. So, don’t risk getting box braids in a rush. Just make sure that you set an appointment at your trusted salon to have beautifully braided hair.
  2. Figure out whether or not you need to provide hair: Some hair salons will provide hair for the box braids, but there are establishments that require you to purchase hair, so don’t be afraid to call ahead and ask. When spending for a box braid service, it’s good to be aware of all the costs involved. That way, you’ll bring enough money with you and get your hair done.
  3. Know the work of the person installing your braids: You can check their social media accounts (Facebook and Instagram), or you can ask their former clients if you know some of them. In most cases, feedback from past clients can help you decide whether a certain service is good or not.
  4. For any girls with a relaxer, don’t get braids after a fresh retouch: Relaxers ‘stretch’ the hair, so installing box braids immediately after relaxing your hair can weigh the strands down. If that happens, your hair suffers from breakage or other irreversible damage.
  5. Let your hairdresser know immediately if the hair is too tight: If your braids are too tight, you’re more likely to experience moderate to severe breakage. Aside from that, having very tight braids may be painful in the head.
  6. You still need to moisturize and wash your hair with braids in: The braids can ‘dread’ together if you don’t wash and moisturize your scalp. When trying to cut the braids out of this formation, you can experience a lot of breakages.
  7. Wear something on your head to sleep: This will prevent breakage and tangling overnight. It will also make your hairstyle last longer.
  8. Don’t keep hair in braids for any longer than 12 weeks: Going beyond 12 weeks or three months is unhealthy for the hair, and damage will begin to surface.

Important Points To Remember

It is important to note that this isn’t a comprehensive list when getting box braids. These are the main, and arguably, some of the most important things to remember. However, it would still be ideal to do as much research as you can before doing any style in your hair, especially if it’s your first time.

This particular hairstyle can be heavy on the head and painful for first-timers. It is also time-consuming because of the installation of braids. And if you don’t properly care for the styled hair, it will result in totally damaged locks.

But on the other hand, box braids can be an awesome way to protect your hair. In addition to that, they are low-maintenance, which only needs deep conditioning and spraying. They also provide you with a new look if you’re too bored with your usual hairstyle. Box braids can definitely be a great style to add to your hair regimen.

Article by Carmella Johnson

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